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Victims of Kidnapping, Assault, Robbery, Revenge, Burglary and other crimes of violation are not limited to the average citizen or avoided by those executives or professionals with personal protection details and security guards. As an executive or business professional, if you have something criminals want, then you are a target and a potential victim for criminals; but you are not without options to defend yourself and mitigate the exposure and risk to you and your family.

Redfin Risk Mitigation, Inc. offers a tailored personal security course for the business executive, frequent traveler, public official and other professionals. Criminals prey on individuals whose work and profile exposes them or their family to elements seeking to exploit their wealth, naivete or take revenge on their actions. Criminals assume their victims are unaware and especially unprepared to respond to criminal behavior; in fact they count on it.Interogation

RedfinRisk's Personal Security Course was developed for business professionals by former US Special Operations (SOF) members who have capitalized on their years of experience countering these very threats in operational environments and on the battlefield. This training differs from other security courses in that it takes a holistic and practical approach to you and your family's personal security. We teach demonstrable and usable tactics, techniques, and procedures that were designed for the professional who does not have the time to train to the high level one assumes of a SOF professional.

The course will elevate your level of threat awareness, teach you how to include security in all circumstances of your daily life, and give you the confidence that you and your loved ones are safe and secure. The course is tailored to your busy schedule and offers additional detailed packages in Defensive Driving, Surveillance Detection, Defensive and Practical Martial Arts, Fire Arms Training and Counter Home Invasion Techniques.

"One is not exposed to danger who, even when in safety is always on their guard" - Publilius Syrus